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Ven Kalutara Miththa Thero will conduct a full day Dhamma programme specially for children.
This programme will be useful for adults as well.

Date: Sunday 19th November
Time: 9.30am to 3.30pm
Venue: West Gate School, Glenfield Road, Leicester, LE3 6DG

This programme will be held in English language. Lunch will be provided.
If you wish to attend this programme, please inform Ven. Wajirawansha thero, as this would help us arrange necessary facilities for you.

Ven Miththa Thero kindly requested following from the parents of the children those who participate in the programme.

Please get your child to practice following songs/anthems at least once.
You may help them by writing the lyrics of the songs on a piece of paper.

1.) National anthem of the UK

2) National anthem of Sri Lanka

3.) A children's song (Sinhalese)
Preparation for the programme
1.) Please bring a blank paper and a pen to write
2.) Please bring a small, inexpensive gift nicely wrapped for your child.  (If you have two children, please bring two presents)
3.) Bring some sweets for children
4.) Please bring a small donation (daham paduru) to offer in an envelope. One envelope for your child, one for you. Donation amount is not important. £1 in an envelope would be perfectly fine. This is to show the concept of dana to children.
5.) Please teach a Sinhala poem (4 lines would be enough) to your child if parents speak Sinhala. If you don't speak Sinhala, any poem would be fine.
The child can also sing it by looking at a paper (see Youtube link above)