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Special Events

Dhamma Sermons from Ven. Dhammagaru

We are very grateful to Ven. Dhammagaru, who was for a period of a couple of months a resident monk at the Leicester Vihara. During his time with us he gave many sermons, which can be downloaded from this website - in English here, and in Sinhala here.

Vesak 19 May 2019

A very successful Vesak celebration was held at the Vihara on Sunday 19 May 2019. Here is a report on the proceedings by Dr CS Nanayakkara.

Photos from the event can be accessed here.

Daily Events

7.00 am  Morning Pooja,Chanting & Practice Meditation.

11.00 am Buddha Pooja & Blessing service.

6.30 pm  Evening Pooja,Chanting & Practice Meditation.

Please contact the resident monk for details.


Weekly Events

Sunday School

Sunday School for children will resume after the summer holidays. Details to follow, but contact the Ven. Saddhananda at the vihara (0116 2825003) if you would like further information.

Dhamma Sermons

Dhamma sermons are given at the vihara on most Sundays, generally from 5:00pm until around 6:30 pm. These are mostly given in Sinhala language, but occasionally in English. Contact the vihara for more details.

Monday 6.30 pm -8.00 pm Sutta study with Dr Tony Fletcher. We are currently studying suttas from the Majjhima Nikaya. For those wishing to deepen their knowledge of Buddhism. Please note that, due to health reasons, Monday meetings are currently being held at Tony Fletcher's house. Please contact the vihara (0116 2825003), or email contact @ leicesterbuddhistvihara.co.uk for details.

Wednesday 08.00 am -9.30 am Pooja & Meditation for experienced meditators.

Saturday 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm Pooja, basic meditation practice & Dhamma discussion.

Sunday 5.00 pm - 6.30 pm Dhamma discussion and meditation - in Sinhala language